Dear Colleagues,  

Welcome to the 18th CBRC meeting - the leading cancer research conference in Israel.  

The two-day meeting will focus on the most advanced studies presented by some of Israel top ranked clinicians, scientists and internationally acclaimed key opinion leaders.  

Our exciting program and the presence high-caliber scientists, is an excellent opportunity to foster collaborations among the scientist through many formal and informal events which will take place during the conference. This event has become the corner stone in the cancer related activities at Tel-Aviv University with over 300 participants.  

I would like to thank the Organizing Committees for putting together this year’s program.

We thank all our supporters who contributed generously to this meeting and to all our participants and guests for choosing to take an active part in this important conference and contribute their own invaluable expertise.


Prof. Dan Peer

Chair– Cancer Biology Research Center (CBRC)

Faculty of Life Sciences

Tel-Aviv University